Welcome to Chitter Chat Box, the South African business network built by SMME’s for SMME’s. Start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners need more training and support to start and grow a long-term sustainable business now more than ever.

The current business environment is a challenging one, so we have developed a unique business network that is solely focused on providing you with training, tips, tools, resources, business networking, and support that empowers you to grow and prosper.

“Are you ready to fast-track your skills and fast-track your business growth?”

Our platform provides you with the opportunity to promote yourself, your business, your products, and your services to a growing network of prospective customers…AND…there is no investment required for you to join. Start benefiting today and join below.





Business Network

Access to Business Growth Training
Invitations to Weekly Webinars
Generate Vouchers for Special Promotions
Create Posts for everyone to see
Create Ads in our Marketplace that is cost effective, spam free and give results
Create a Digital CV to make your communication with clients more effective
Publish Articles about your Business to educate Customers about your field of Expertise
Offer and Find valuable Product and Service Vouchers
Connect with South African Business Owners
Create Business Pages
Create and Join Groups for meaningful discussions
Expand your Business Digital Footprint
Opportunity To Earn Commissions Through Our Referral Program
Listings on PrimeSpot Search Engine




Business Relationships are built when you interact and communicate with other business owners. Chitter Chat Box is the ideal Network for you to meet other people from your industry as well as potential customers or clients. We all have skills and talents. You never know who you can meet on this platform that can maybe help you revolutionize your business or your industry. Great things happens when you connect with other people. Chitter Chat Box is your Opportunity.


Whether you want to interact on national or local level, Chitter Chat Box offers you the opportunity to create Connections and interact within groups. You can either join a group of your interest or you can create your own groups. You can use your creativity to create network opportunities.



Our Marketplace offers you the opportunity to showcase your business products and services. With this easy to use platform, connected to the South African Business Community, your Products and Services will be in exactly the right spot where your clients and customers can find them. Use the Marketplace to find and support South African business men and women like yourselves. Supporting fellow South African businesses is what it takes to rebuild our economy.



Create, Edit and easily send your Digital CV to prospective clients and customers. In a world where you need to build trust to prosper, Chtter Chat Box can help you manage this task easily and professionaly. When you are serious about business, people will want to know what you are all about. They look at your products and services, but they also look at who they are dealing with. By using this Network, and Digital CV service, you can create an environment where you build trust.



A South African developed Platform for South African Business Owners. Together we can build a Business Network that can pull this country forward. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy. Are you willing to become a part of the ones that will find the solution. No matter how big the challenges are, we as South Africans has the possibility to become a great nation.




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