Taka Turmeric & BioPerine Capsules


Taka Turmeric & BioPerine Capsules


Taka Turmeric & BioPerine Capsules

Extraordinary medicinal powers


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Taka brings you Turmeric spice with its deep golden colour that has been known for hundreds of years for its extraordinary medicinal powers caused by beneficial compounds it contains called curcuminoids, the most well-known and studied being curcumin. It’s been found to reduce inflammation and pain, fight free radicals, boost the body’s immune system, support heart, liver & digestive health and even clear brain fog. These vegecaps from Taka contains certified organic Turmeric combined with a specialised Black Pepper extract called BioPerine® to enhance its bioavailability so you get the maximum benefit of this amazing super spice. Take the golden opportunity for better health!

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