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How it Works

Welcome to Chitter Chat Box and thank you for taking the time to find out how it works.

Chitter Chat Box was build to assist small business owners with a platform where they can easily and cost effectively share their business opportunities. It has however developed into a easy to use platform to share anything worth sharing and I expect it will soon become the "Go to Place" for people to easily find what they are looking for.

Chitter Chat Box works on the basis that you share content (like your business, car for sale, property for sale etc..) by creating a post. Each post is placed in a category and town.

Every post will display on the main page, town page and category page. Visitors can navigate easily to each section and find relative information on any subject.

Boosting your Post

In order to get as many people as possible to see your post, you can boost your post as folows:

  • Log into your Account
  • Go to My Posts
  • Find the post you want to promote
  • Click on the Boost Button

To stop the boost, simply click Cancel Boost.

When a post is Boosted it will move up to the top of the main page, town page and category page once every hour for as long as your post boost is active or as long as your Account has a positive balance.

Every time the post moves up to the top it will cost you 10c. If you let it run for a day it will move up 24 times at a cost of R 2.40. Letting it run for a 31 day month will only cost you R 74.40 per post.

To fund your Account simply click on the My Account Tab (when logged in), select the amount that you would like to add and pay with Payfast using Bitcoins, Debit Card, Credit Card or EFT from any South African Bank. The credits will automatically appear in your account and you can start running your boosts.

How to get started

To get started you need to Register an Account with Chitter Chat Box

Once you have registered, Log In to your Account and update your profile picture. We want the site to look great for everybody.

Now go to My Posts and click on Create a New Post to submit your first post.

If you have any questions visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page, email me at or contact me on 081 2700 884. I am happy to assist you.

How to redeem a Voucher

If you have received a Voucher, you can learn how to Redeem your Voucher here

Christo Fouche
081 2700 884