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Digital Height Gauge 1000mm
Workshop digital height gauge by ACCUD, measuring range 0-1000mm

Price: R 29 340.41

Christo Fouche
081 2700 884

Digital Height Gauge.

Product Code: AC181-040-11

Workshop electronic/digital height gauge by ACCUD, measuring range 0-1000mm | 40″ and resolution 0.01mm | 0.0005″. The digital height gauge is equipped with ABS absolute measurement function, i.e. the ability to measure against the set zero value. Made of stainless steel (except the base). Measuring tip – made of sintered carbide. Equipped with a data output port.

Made of stainless steel.

Additionally in the set – the tip with the sensor holder, with a hole with a diameter of 8 mm.

Features at a glance
Made of stainless steel (except the base)
USB data output
With clamps (Ø 8 mm holder)
Carbide tipped scriber
Functions: inch/mm, ABS/INC, data hold, tolerance set, data preset

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